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diesel generator providing emergent power serviceAt Green House – Tech Solutions and Services Nigeria Limited, our Biodegradable Alpha Descaler products are powered by SynTech, the world’s only synthetic Acid. EMS Products offer the full strength of Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric and other mineral acids with no harmful effects to personnel, equipment or the environment.

Combined With our Patented Synthetic degreasers, release and microbial agents. MS products safely replace the harsh acids, solvents, and caustics used in many industries.
The accomplishment of EMS now number over 150 products including the world’s only original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) approved vehicle washes and cleaners.

All EMS formulations carry triple Zero Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) scores, are non- corrosive to Metals, non- irritating to the skin, non- mutagenic and 100% Biodegradable in 10 days.

EMS ingredients also carry EPA, FDA, OSHA and USDA approvals and are not regulated by the D.O.T or Canadian TDG.

All EMS products are manufactured with ingredients deemed to be environmentally Safer by Cleangredients and EPA’s Safer Choice Chemical ingredients list.

Our Major EMS Market Brands

  • WaterSafe60 – Alpha Descaler FG
  • Alpha Descaler Xtra
  • Alpha Descaler (Normal)
  • Engine Carbon Cleaner (Aerosolutions)
  • Ready Mix Truck Wash and Concrete Removal
  • Alumi – Brite

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