Introducing the world of NANOPULSER-a battery conditioner device that conditions your vehicle and equipment, Lead-acid battery 24/7 and boost your battery to 100% health life. It also doubles its life span with better performance by producing higher capacities at zero maintenance cost.

Battery Conditioner Device
Battery Conditioner Device

Nanopulser is designed and engineered in Japan by Panasonic Group where Japanese Technological Hallmarks as per quality, reliability, and results are at its best. Attributes you can always trust to meet your personal or corporate expectations.
Our Nanopulser is a brand you can always rely on to help enhance your vehicle/equipment (LAB) Battery Lifespan and performance.
With 46, 700 Man Hours and 8,697 Laboratory Tests, Nanopulser was put through rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure your Led Acid Batteries (LAB) gets the best conditioning treatment possible.

The power of Nano Technology offers a wide range of benefits to customers like:

  • Ensures consistent current delivery
  • Ensures standby power capability
  • Ensures mission-critical equipment support
  • Extends battery life up to 100% (Double Life)
  • Improves injector fuel efficiency in vehicles.
  • Optimizes the life and function of electrical gadgets or devices in the vehicle or equipment.
  • Improves acceleration response in vehicles.
  • Improve the engine performance in vehicles for smooth movement and driving comfort.
  • Enhance the performance of the ABS Brakes System in vehicles.
  • Empowers your corporate efficiency.
  • Saves money (reduce operation cost)

What’s more, Nanopulser Technology is a patented product, so you know you are hooked to the real deal and quality assurance.
Our Nanopulser comes with the five years warranty with every purchase. And has ten years of active shelf-life performance.
Nano is designed for all Water Acid (LAB) Batteries, whether for vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, inverters, UPS, Solar Energy Systems. Our services extend to Haulage and transport companies, GSM Operators and other Satellite/Telecom Networks, government institutions, banks, and other financial institutions, corporate and individual stakeholders. Plus Land Equipment/Offshore-Marine Application ranging from 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V respectively. It solves a common problem faced by consumers and helps reduce the odds and costs of inconveniences and downtime.

One time purchase at an affordable buy-in level, remain the best product in its class!

Battery Conditioner Device
Battery Conditioner Device
Battery Conditioner Device
Nanopulser Diagram

Why spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars/naira in changing your batteries annually, when a Nanopulser can recondition your batteries for a double life span and save you huge?